Prof. Dr. Andreas Aulinger



Prof. Dr. Andreas Aulinger has been a full professor for organization at the Steinbeis University Berlin since 2005. Together with Markus Heudorf he has been director of the Steinbeis Institute for Organization & Management (IOM) since 2011. The institute provides advanced executive degree programs in the fields of leadership, change management, organizational management, and HR management. In 2015, Aulinger founded a community for agile organizational practice under the auspices of the organizational society gfo. His interest is especially directed at dealing with power and power distances in agile organizations.


Title & abstract of Andreas' speech:

Pillars of Agile Organizations in a VUCA world

Since people have been doing business, they did it in a VUCA-World – a world that contains elements of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. With a set of classical management methods we have been reasonably equipped for the level of VUCA that we experienced during the past decades. But recently the level of VUCA increases dramatically. This increase is so massive that our classical management methods seem to be no longer adequate to cope with that new level of VUCA. Fortunately a new and additional set of “agile” management methods is readily available (i.e. scrum, design thinking, several forms of selforganization). But when companies start to put into practice these new agile methods they often realize, that these methods don't lead to increased agility. Sometimes things turn out to be even worse. Something is missing to create a real increase of agility with these new methods. Focusing on this missing link I identify three pillars of an agile organization. Classic (agile) management methods have to work alongside new (agile) management methods. And both have to be complemented by the often underestimated pillar of (agile) mindsets. But what kind of mindset is helpful to make agile methods work? How can we change from our present mindset to a mindset required in the actual VUCA-World? And is a change of mindset possible at all?

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