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Malte Foegen is Managing Director of wibas GmbH, a consulting company specialized on New Work and Agility. He also teaches at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and applies Agility from team level up to the whole organization. He is well known for his ability to convince senior management and staff of the benefits of Agility and involve them in its implementation. Malte is co-author of the German best selling book "Organization in digital times" (Organisation in einer digitalen Zeit). He consults companies since many years.


Title & abstract of Maltes speech:

Agile Teams Do Not Make Your Company Agile

Companies are living in disruptive times that are volatile and uncertain. The challenge is to deliver delighting products and services today, and at the same time to constantly change and innovate to stay ahead. Agility is the skill to master these seemingly contradicting goals. However, Agility is a disruptive management technology. Having some teams that apply agile methods like Scrum or Kanban does not make your organization agile. Agility needs to be applied at every level of the organization: from the team level to Lean Startup; from pushing to pulling goals; from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation: from separating thinking from execution to aligning both. You can immediately recognize an agile DNA when walking into a company. Therefore, we show you how agile companies work by showing you how real agile companies look. And if you think: hey, we are already doing this, be warned: the more you think you are agile, the less it is true.

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The 1st Joint Congress of PMI Chapters in Germany is a new series of events jointly organized by the four German PMI Chapters. The objective is to bring both executives and decision makers as well as portfolio, program, and project managers together to facilitate the exchange of views and ideas while supporting close collaboration.

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