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Luisa Ziemer is working for Deutsche Bank for 9 years in different roles such as project manager and recently as Scrum Master within the Digital Transformation of Deutsche Bank. Luisa is currently leading two Scrum Teams which are reinventing the Mobile Banking of DB. Luisa has an MA in Project Management and is a certified Scrum Master (

Title & abstract of Johannes'/Luisas speech:

Scaled Agile in a Corporate Environment – It’s a Long Way between Bottom-up and Top-down

For customer-centric software development, there currently seems to be no better way than setting up Agile Teams. Delivering in short cycle times and with a high degree of self-organization, these teams shall be able to deal with volatile customer needs and uncertainty. "That’s great, we also have some of those" is what many senior managers tend to reply. But can this be enough?

When trying to expand the principles of Scrum Teams up on the corporate ladder, existential management questions will quickly surface:
* How can we guarantee quality and compliance if we are told to increase trust but to reduce procedures and controls?
* How is it possible to ensure steering and coordination for self-organized teams?
* What role is left for me if my employees are empowered to solve problems themselves?
* And who can send me an exec summary of that Lean-Agile Mindset that I am supposed to have?

This presentation will share insights and best practices from our own journey of Scaled Scrum in Deutsche Bank’s Mobile Apps. How are we able to stay agile with challenges as diverse as regulatory requirements and global sourcing strategies, collaboration with impatient start-ups, a mighty enterprise architecture and an abundance of stakeholders from all over the company?

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