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The topic of project management already appealed to the economics graduate during his degree studies. "Good project management prevents negative surprises and sleepless nights," says Till H. Balser, who has been a pioneer and campaigner on the topic of project management in Germany for 35 years. Over time he became increasingly aware that PM performance cannot be improved by using software alone.

In light of this he developed his systemic overall approach to PM, known as the "four-axis cross". This approach recognises the introduction/optimisation of PM in companies as an integrative process made up of organisational development, qualification/staff development, method and process standardisation and technological support.

With Tiba, Mr Balser has established an institute that provides expert advice, training and support for all issues relating to project management.

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Title & abstract of Tills speech:

Project Management 4.0 - How is the world of project management changing?

Industry 4.0, digital transformation and agility are on everyone's lips. But how do these changes affect project work and the requirements for project management in companies and organisations? What form do work and planning processes in projects take? Is it just a discussion about "classic" versus "agile" project management? Or is a new basic approach required – project management 4.0?


About The Congress

The 1st Joint Congress of PMI Chapters in Germany is a new series of events jointly organized by the four German PMI Chapters. The objective is to bring both executives and decision makers as well as portfolio, program, and project managers together to facilitate the exchange of views and ideas while supporting close collaboration.

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