The Team

The 1st Joint Congress of PMI Chapters in Germany was exclusively organized by dedicated PMI volunteers and members of the PMI Chapters in Germany. A total of five workshops and numerous telephone conferences have been held to date and many more will follow to make this endeavour a success for all stakeholders. Team members (as of 9th of March 2017):

Laurina Bragdon, PMP - Volunteer Administration

Susan Lose, PMP - Volunteer Event Website

Ingo Kusch, PMP - Volunteer Infrastructure

Karsten Meinders, PMP - Volunteer Content

Bernd Töpfer, PMP - Volunteer Marketing/Public Relations

Maen Elhemmeh, PMP & VP Events PMICC - Facilitator/Risk Management

Pierre Ngassa, PMP & VP Information Technology PMIFC - Administration

Dr. Andreas Berning, PMP & VP Marketing/Public Relations PMIFC - Marketing/Public Relations/Event Website

Matthias Koll, PMP & President PMIFC - Project Lead



PMI in Germany

In Germany the Project Management Institute is represented by four regionally independant chapters that organize activities in their respective areas and thus cover Germany in its entirety.

The regional orientation of the chapters accomodates the regional, structural and economic situation in Germany. The chapters are cooperating in parallel on various topics in order to draw a consistent and recognizable image of PMI in Germany. Consequently, the basic set-up of the chapters is similar, yet each of the chapters has their paritcular focus areas.

For more general information please visit our joint website or feel free to reach out to the chairman of the PMI chapters in Germany* via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

*The chairman role is being carried by a president of one of the german PMI chapters in close alignment with the other presidents. The chairman is acting as the nationwide point of contact for questions regarding PMI and the german chapters. Moreover, the chairman is leading activities with germany-wide impact. Currently the chairman role is with the president of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. thus being carried by Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP.


PMI Frankfurt Chapter

The PMI Frankfurt Chapter e.V. (PMIFC) is an independent non-profit professional association for the project management profession.

PMIFC was founded in 1988 as the first European chapter and has more than 1000 members from all regions in Germany and abroad.

The area of coverage is much wider than the geographic borders of metropolitan Frankfurt and ranges from the Saarland through the Rhine-Neckar, Rhine-Main areas and Hessia, the centre of lower Saxonia (incl. Hannover), Bremen and Hamburg up to the Danish border to Schleswig-Holstein. Hannover and Hamburg have the status of Local Groups.

PMI is providing a forum where project management 'professionals' can network, share their experience and discuss recent advances in their profession. In addition to the global PMI membership the PMIFC offers a variety of advantages such as:

  • exciting presentations on current topics at our chapter meetings
  • 'PMI goes Business' - on-site events at well-known companies which are applying PMI principles
  • exchange of experiences at our regional "Stammtish" or informal gatherings in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Saarbrücken and Mainz as well as at the meetings of the Local Groups Hannover and Hamburg
  • advanced training workshops with leading PMI-experts
  • first-hand updates on new insights within PMI
  • international exchange across the world-wide PMI network
  • volunteer opportunities to become active in the chapter and PMI network

For all these activities & events PDUs can be claimed.

Events hosted by the PMI Frankfurt Chapter can be found on our website.

About The Congress

The 1st Joint Congress of PMI Chapters in Germany is a new series of events jointly organized by the four German PMI Chapters. The objective is to bring both executives and decision makers as well as portfolio, program, and project managers together to facilitate the exchange of views and ideas while supporting close collaboration.

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